Your Relationship with Yourself

In this class you will learn how to declutter (to get rid of the emotional stuff that prevents a healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life.) Through this self-discovery course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Drop guilt and shame from your past.
  • Embrace and process your feelings.
  • Lose your biggest critic and discover your greatest fan.
  • Find a voice for your needs, wants, hopes and dreams.

As you learn to love, like and value yourself, you’ll experience greater peace, confidence and joy. You’ll see your relationship with yourself positively impacting all your other relationships. We want YOU to be included in this decluttering journey so you, too, can live wholeheartedly.

Choose the course format you want

Live Format – local, small group
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Online Format – “Coming spring of 2018”

Live Format (eight, in-person, small-group coaching sessions)

This format allows you to get the most out of the Wholehearted Living program – similar to marinating in the flavors of a three-course meal. As you meet with two other participants and an experienced heart coach who facilitates the group, you’ll be amazed at the results – new authentic friendships, tremendous clarity and insights, and significant peace and confidence.

This is the ideal opportunity to process your life with others –others with whom you have more in common than you might think. Meet in a confidential and comfortable environment. Develop meaningful relationships unlike ever before.

“I experienced more freedom from this program, than from years of counseling.  Who knew such a simple process would have such an incredible impact on my life?” —Leslie

Get access to all of the following :

  • The course book/workbook
  • Eight weekly teaching videos
  • Eight live, small-group coaching sessions (90-minutes each)
  • Follow up assignments – customized by your personal heart coach to eliminate your specific type of clutter
  • Additional bonus gifts

All the above for just $297  (That’s less than $5 a day!)

Enrollment is now closed for our fall classes.  However, if you complete the registration form (below), you will automatically be put on our waiting list for classes that will start mid-January.

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a live, small-group coaching format

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Mornings: (9:00 to 10:30 a.m.)
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Evenings: (6:30 to 8:00 p.m.)

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Your Relationship with Stuff

Each one of us was created with value and success in mind.  Unfortunately, we’ve accumulated some baggage along the way; toxic beliefs and behaviors that prevent us from the life God intended.  Although unintentionally, we haul the negative stuff around with us, failing to recognize the effect it has on our health and relationships.  Until we gain the ability to get rid of the junk, it will contaminate our present and future. 

Your Relationship with Stuff provides what you’ve been looking for:  step-by-step instructions for unpacking your baggage.  AS you are led through a careful examination of some key relationships, you will learn to let go of things that clutter your life.  

  • A harsh, critical relationship with yourself and your body 
  • Those extra pounds that you can’t seem to get rid of 
  • Conflicting beliefs about food and its purpose in your life 
  • Damaging behaviors, like using food to distract from your feelings, wants and needs 
  • Erroneous beliefs that limit your ability to be successful 
  • Excessive or meaningless possessions that add stress to your life 

 Learning to let go of your baggage will prepare you to live wholeheartedly.  You will discover the peace and fulfillment that comes from healthy relationships.  Hundreds of other women (many of whom started out right where you are) have gained a harmonious relationship with food, their body and more.  Through this personal and practical approach, these women are enjoying newfound freedom and success in their own lives.  How about you  Are you ready to start unpacking your bags?


Enrollment for: Your Relationship with Stuff

Live, in-person format

Your Relationship with God

Everyone was created with a unique calling or purpose for their life.  Unfortunately, too many people believe things that cause resistance to that purpose; they allow fear or erroneous beliefs to prevent them from the vibrant, successful life God has planned for them.  It is tragic, for the reality is no one but you underestimates the unique calling or purpose of your life. 

In addition, most of us have some faulty beliefs about God; who He is, what He thinks about us and what He desires for our lives.  Those faulty beliefs then contaminate our attempts at a personal, meaningful relationship with Him.  They lead us to behave as if He is too busy, disinterested or disappointed to become involved with us. 

In Your Relationship with God you will learn to get rid of anything that prohibits a dynamic relationship with Him.  Through this personal and practical decluttering process, you will: 

  • Learn how to communicate and interact with God; how to talk with and listen to Him 
  • Experience the power of the Kingdom of God, in your daily life 
  • Come to know Jesus for who He really is, not who you think He is 
  • Identify your calling, which provides meaning and direction for your life 

As you learn to know God, love God and obey God with all your heart, you will discover the fruit of living in intimate union with Him.  The results is inner peace and confidence; knowing you have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to prove and nothing to lose.

Live, in-person format

Can you quickly and easily list off half-a-dozen things that you love about yourself –about your personality and your approach to life? Unfortunately, most women struggle to do so. 

In this course, you’ll learn how to embrace and celebrate your God-given personality.  The results are: 

  • Greater peace about who you really are 
  • Increased confidence 
  • Healthier and more satisfying relationships (with yourself and others) 

Join hundreds of others who have gained a deeper understanding of their own personality -as well as that of others, through this self-paced course on personality types. 

This simple, straightforward course includes bite-sized videos that make the learning process easy –regardless of your personality type or the busyness of your schedule. This course helps you to cut through the confusion and get the foundational truths about your personality. 

“I thought I had a good understanding of my personality and that of my husband and kids, but this class was really eye-opening! It will definitely help me meet the needs of others in more effective ways.” – Nancy

The four personality types are clearly demonstrated with exercises to help you gain a deeper understanding of each one. 

Learn how to: 

  • Value and appreciate your natural tendencies and characteristics (which makes your confidence soar) 
  • Gain a newfound respect for others’ personality types (which are likely much different than your own) 
  • Work together with less conflicts (realizing we need one another) 

“This course provided greater understanding of myself, my husband, friends and coworkers. It also helped me to parent more effectively. This is a course that would benefit EVERYONE!” – Terri

My goal is to help you become a raving fan of YOURSELF; easily being able to list off half-a-dozen characteristics that make you valuable, lovable and LIKE-able.

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