Is This One Word Killing You?

I used to busy –like most women I know; I’d say “yes” to nearly anything!  I was critical of who I thought I was and consequently, pushed myself a lot.  I was trying the best I could to keep everyone happy, yet under the surface, I was unhappy.  I was exhausted and anxious, and new something needed to change.

Then, about a year ago, I was introduced to some simple but powerful tools that changed my entire outlook.  I learned about the importance of my relationship with myself, which is the foundation for all my other relationships.  I learned about self-care and how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries.  I even learned how to say “no” –and to do so without feeling guilty.  

The new outlook that I gained, enabled me to narrow my focus and concentrate on the people and things that mean the most to me. No longer piling a lot more on an already full plate, I’ve learned to set aside time for myself –time for rest, nourishment and energizing activities.

Rather than selfish, I’ve learned that self-care allows me to love others more effectively.  It’s not always easy to say “yes” to time for myself, but I’m reminded that I am worth it.  The Bible says in Exodus 20:11 “…in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.”   Even God makes time for rest.  Therefore, when it comes to rest and to taking care of myself…I wholeheartedly say, “YES!”

Written by: Teri Deardorff

(A graduate of the Wholehearted Living program)

Alicia Economos

About Alicia Economos

Alicia is a warm and enthusiastic "people-magnet." She's the founder and director of Wholehearted Living, a certified heart coach and dynamic speaker. She's also the author of five books and has been deemed "the queen of hearts."

Alicia is a dedicated professional who's passionate about helping women to live wholeheartedly – loving God, themselves and others with All their heart. She enjoys spending time with her robust and fun "big Greek family" running, practicing yoga, and creating new materials and opportunities for Wholehearted Living Ministries.

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