We help women to live wholeheartedly:

Did you know…

  • The average woman has more than 35,000 self-thoughts per day.
  • Of those 35,000 thoughts, more than 75% are negative and self-defeating!
  • Our decluttering program helps you get rid of those harsh and critical thoughts, and instead, learn to be your greatest fan; to embrace and celebrate the incredible woman that God created in YOU!

We’ll help you to develop a healthy relationship with yourself, which is the foundation for ALL your other relationships. Rather than feeling stuck, disconnected and believing you’re not “good enough,” you can begin to live wholeheartedly – loving God, yourself, and others, with ALL your heart.

Through courses and coaching sessions, we help women just like you, to declutter their lives – emotionally, physically and spiritually. The results are increased peace, confidence and joy! Learning to LIKE and love who you really are, positions you to embrace your present –with passion! It also produces excitement about your future.

It’s your life. We help you to live it wholeheartedly!

Do you sometimes feel:

  • stuck?
  • overwhelmed?
  • disconnected –from yourself, others and God?

For decades, I lived that way; I believed I wasn’t “good enough,” “smart enough,” pretty enough,” and yet also, “too much.” However, in 2010, God gave me a vision of what it could look like if women would stop being so hard on themselves and instead, learned to LIKE themselves; what it would look like for women to discover, and celebrate, who they really are.

Thousands have already participated in our decluttering process, and we will impact thousands more with some exciting new developments that God has provided. We are passionate about the future, with millions of women living wholeheartedly – loving God, themselves and others, with ALL their heart!

Our team consists of 16 women (all graduates of the Wholehearted Living program) who have experienced incredible transformation in their own lives and are committed to helping other women experience the same.

With a dozen heart coaches and a certified training program, our team is always growing. We’re ready to help YOU declutter your life so you can embrace and celebrate who you are – and the incredible life that God has prepared for you.


“I struggled with dieting for most of my adult life. Through the Wholehearted Living program, I learned a lack of willpower wasn’t the issue. As I developed a healthy relationship with myself, I no longer needed food for comfort. Knowing I’ll never go on another diet is priceless!”  —Cindy



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“Because of the Wholehearted Living program, I learned to let go of the guilt and shame of my divorce. Consequently, my confidence grew and I’m now enjoying much healthier relationships. This was truly a new lease on life and I’ve never been happier.”  —Lisa

“Through the Wholehearted Living program, I learned to love myself so I can share that love with others in my life. I’m forever a fan of this program, which changed my life for the better!”  —Heidi

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